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Small Business Stories from New York Times:
Behind the Closing of Shen Beauty, a Brooklyn Boutique
10/3/2023 11:32 AM
An airy boutique for salves and cosmetics was a Brooklyn hot spot for more than a decade. But many employees described an ugly workplace...Read More
How Child Care in New York City Became Unaffordable for Nearly Everyone
9/12/2023 2:29 PM
As the city’s affordability crisis worsens for nearly everyone, even upper-middle-class New Yorkers are struggling to pay for child care. The workers who provide it are struggling too...Read More
An Evolving Salt Lake City Hopes to Be ‘Just Like Austin’
9/5/2023 8:00 AM
Shedding its stodgy image, the city has become a destination for start-ups looking for cheaper space and younger workers on the hunt for roomier housing...Read More
4 Days, 690 Miles, Countless Stalls: Behold the ‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’
8/31/2023 2:09 PM
Everyone loves a bargain. But can anyone survive the entirety of the 127 Yard Sale, an annual four-day event that stretches from Michigan to Alabama...Read More
The Fight to Control Big Gay Ice Cream in New York City
8/31/2023 10:42 AM
A company that rode to success with an inclusive message has shrunk to a single store, as a founder sues a partner he accuses of mismanagement and fraud...Read More

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